left field designs is an idea company. What that means is that the emphasis is on developing your ideas, not attempting to fit them into some kind of cookie‑cutter shape that can easily be mistaken for someone else.

The goal is to create something unique to a client's specific business, not generic to an industry..

I specialize in Web site design for those clients who want something classic but not generic to represent them on the Internet.

       Appliance Repair and Consulting Services Complete Appliance Repair and Counsulting Services

Valentine Web site Valentine site

My work includes Web sites for non‑profit organizationa and personal Web sites in addition to commercial Web sites.

Personal sites often are related to hobbies or interests of the individual. Another popular option is a family-album type of Web site with pictures and information about what different family memebers are experienceing in their lives.

The books were happy accidents. I do not profess to be a writer but I have written/created books and you can find out more about them by clicking on the "books" link above.

Chart Your Mood Changes Book Chart Your Mood Changes book